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Is the Middle East adopting wearable technology?

Enterprise IT may be changing, at least in the Middle East, as wearable technology is increasingly adopted in business. So says a report from Computer Weekly, although it concedes that there are hurdles to overcome before they become mainstream.

Call New Statesman Tech old-fashioned if you like (we’re only a week old, but go ahead), but one of those drawbacks has to be the battery life of the most heavily-marketed smart watches from Apple; if someone puts a watch on before work at 8am it’s not massively useful if, on average, it’s exhausted by 8pm.

According to Computer Weekly, IDC believes wearables will grow around 56 per cent by 2019, but there will need to be more apps and case uses if they are really going to take off in the business world. It cites augmented reality glasses in DHL’s picking process as one such application already extant in the real world. Presumably there will be a need for a lot more before this stuff really gets into the mainstream.