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UK & Ireland tech industry facing skills exodus

The IT industry is facing a crisis of skills as qualified professionals head elsewhere, says a report from EMC. Reasons given include a lack of career progression in the IT field and a lack of prioritisation of IT in other organisations.

The report, entitled “The Great Skills Exodus: Why the industry’s leading IT talent is deserting businesses,” was based on a survey of 500 professionals. Headline findings include that 71 per cent of them had looked for jobs elsewhere over the last 12 months, 51 per cent because they wanted more money and 49 per cent because they wanted better career progression.

Tellingly, 30 per cent said there were few opportunities to demonstrate their ability, while 78 per cent felt the rest of the company was dependent on their efforts.

There was a divide between the sexes as well, as 43 per cent of women felt that location was important in their business compared to only 30 per cent of men.

Training also came in for a kicking – and we’ll have a look at another survey on that subject tomorrow.