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This week at NS Tech: Symantec buys Blue Coat, Apple’s WWDC and more…

Every week we scour the headlines to find a few key stories you need to know about in enterprise tech, some upcoming trends and events, and even some funnies for you to take to the water cooler.

Big deal

Struggling anti-virus company Symantec has bought online threat-blocking service Blue Coat for $4.65bn and appointed its head as its new chief exec.

Anti-virus specialists like Symantec have struggled to keep up with recent innovations in cyber crime and the company has been without a leader since April.

Symantec will now combine its PC-focused software with Blue Coat’s cloud-based mobile and online security technology to try to address the huge cyber crime challenge for business.

Blue Coat had been expected to file for IPO.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference

Apple’s WWDC conference kicks off today and is usually highly focused on developments in the consumer market.

Siri is making the headlines but Apple is increasingly one to watch in the enterprise space as individual hardware sales tail off – to the point where the company saw its first revenue decline in 13 years.

It announced a huge partnership with IBM back in 2014 and the pair have so far created more than 100 enterprise apps that they’re working hard to get rolled out at massive companies.

This is no doubt intended to include an enterprise-wide investment in Apple hardware, as well direct investment in data analytics software from IBM.

Apple’s now-open-source Swift programming language is set to become increasingly important in the workplace, so in-house developers may need to get up to speed.

Catch the livestream here from 6pm GMT.

Public speaking

This video pulls the curtain back on some of the go-to strategies you might be used to using when public speaking.

It’s designed to be a bit of a take down of TED, which has come to be seen as the global standard in profound public addresses in recent years.


Watch, learn and perhaps update your slides.

Remote working

Check out this pretty cool database of companies that work entirely remotely, as well as seeing those that are hiring, if you were ever in doubt that you couldn’t do your job from anywhere else other than behind a big desk.

It’s a work in progress from developer Sung Won Cho but his writings about the project reveal some of the challenges associated with deciding not to make an investment in an office.

He said: “The possibly isolating nature of remote work makes it necessary to look at some of the following things before applying for a job: Communication method: slack, email, phone, SMS, IM? How do the teammates communicate with one another? Does the company organise regular retreats?”

If you’re working on offering remote working to your staff, this is an interesting project to keep an eye on.

Where NS Tech is heading this week

Tomorrow is The Europas, sponsored by TechCrunch and many others, with all of the venture capitalists and startups you can squeeze into London’s Old Billingsgate.

That’s followed on Wednesday by Startup Grind Europe, with all of the venture capitalists and startups, plus Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt.

On Thursday, KMPG and Mastercard will host innovators who are also trying to make a difference, that’s at the London Impact Summit.