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IFIP to recognise young technologists

The International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) is launching what it believes is the first global awards programme for young IT professionals.

It’s called the IFIP International Young IT Awards, and will be administered by a division of IFIP dedicated exclusively to younger people’s services. Three awards will be on offer: International Young Professional of the Year, International Young IT Professional of the Year and International Best Student Project of the Year (the full names will all be prefixed with “IFIP”).

The awards sound worthy, but are underpinned by a major issue facing the IT industry: young people are no longer flocking to it as a career choice as they did 20 years or so ago. There may be a number of reasons for this: first because it’s what their parents did so old-fashioned teenage rebellion might play a part; second because it’s no longer the new thing; third because the dotcom boom and bust took something of the shine off it as a career option.

Award schemes such as this look like part of the fightback; if the IT industry is to flourish, and looking at the importance of data to business at the moment it had better, it needs a whole strategy based around initiatives like this.