• Date: 22nd June 2017 | Event in -1397 days

  • Time: 18:15 - 22:00

  • Venue: Andaz Hotel, Liverpool Street, London, EC2M 7QN View on Map

  • Cost: Complimentary

Real-Time Analytics: Your Hidden Asset

New Statesman Tech, now a year old, is holding the inaugural meeting of our exclusive dining club – and you’re invited. Our sponsor ExtraHop is pleased to join us in offering an evening dedicated to real-time analytics – the application of the data that so many businesses have floating around and of which they could be taking so much more advantage.

The backdrop is a rapidly evolving IT landscape. Megatrends such as mobility, desktop virtualisation, ransomware, the Internet of Things and the software-defined datacentre all demand that IT organisations operate smarter, equipped with real-time insights into what is happening in their environments.

However, legacy IT monitoring products have not kept pace with these changes, leaving enterprises with a hodgepodge of niche tools designed for decades past. Left without a means to cut through increasing complexity, IT professionals struggle to achieve key outcomes.

During our invitation-only event we will discuss:

• How the existing network is the richest source of data
• How the network has become the common denominator tying everything together during digital transformation
• How organisations are able to mine the communications between devices for real-time insights and data-driven operation
• How your data can be used strategically within your IT ecosystem

You will walk away from this invitation-only event having a clear understanding of how your organisation can unlock the hidden value in your networks, discovering, observing, and analysing every digital interaction as it occurs.

The evening will operate on the Chatham House Rule – New Statesman Tech editor Guy Clapperton will host and take notes but he will not report the name or company of anyone he quotes.

The venue will be the prestigious Andaz Hotel’s private dining room, where we will have our own space for a drinks reception and networking.

This is sure to be a prestigious event offering multiple insights into making your organisation smarter. New Statesman Tech and ExtraHop look forward to welcoming you.

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