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Tabitha Goldstaub

Chair of the UK government's AI Council

Tabitha Goldstaub: using AI responsibly will be one of the defining issues of our age

There are few technologies which have the potential to improve public services, transform education, increase the quality of healthcare, help tackle important issues like the climate crisis and bring massive economic benefits. The latest research estimates artificial intelligence (AI) could add £630bn to the UK economy by 2035 through widespread adoption on data-driven technologies, as well as the creation of 58 million jobs globally by 2022.

I wholeheartedly believe the opportunities for AI are undeniable. This technology will be one of the most important and beneficial breakthroughs of our time, and, as long as we answer the age-defining question of how to make sure these technologies are used responsibly, we can realise the full social and economic benefits. As such, it is vital that the AI community, including industry, academics and the public sector, come together in the public interest to support this mission, for the benefit of all of society.

This is exactly what the AI Council, which I chair, aims to achieve. So I’m delighted that today, alongside the Digital Secretary Jeremy Wright and Business Secretary Greg Clark, I am announcing the 21 members who will join me in making up the AI Council. This brilliant mix of experts will continue to work with the AI community to drive forward the growth and adoption of responsible AI across the UK.

The Council has brought together a diverse range of leaders covering numerous sectors including business people, academics and public sector workers, from across the UK. Members include Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of British AI company Deepmind, Kriti Sharma, a leading global advisor on AI for good and its impact on society, and Professor Adrian Smith, chief executive of the Alan Turing Institute, the national institute for data science and AI.

As an independent body advising government and part of the government’s modern Industrial Strategy, the AI Council will provide the leadership to realise the potential of AI to the UK economy and support businesses to adopt AI. We will work to see AI and data-driven technology boost the productivity of our workforce, give our industries a competitive advantage and allow ingenuity and entrepreneurship to flourish in every region.

We will work on cross cutting issues including promoting a responsible approach to using data and fostering a diverse research base and AI workforce. This will underpin our role in making sure both small and large companies can use AI confidently and ethically whilst identifying how to help homegrown AI businesses thrive and maintain the UK’s competitiveness internationally.

With all of the opportunities from AI technologies open to us, I am delighted to be convening this fantastic Council and look forward to working with members and the wider community to reach these goals.

Tabitha Goldstaub is chair of the government’s AI Council and AI Business Champion