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Pure Storage unveils FlashStack for modernising Oracle data warehouses

Pure Storage has unveiled a new infrastructure solution, dubbed FlashStack, for businesses looking to modernise their Oracle data warehouse.

Pure claims the stack, which is powered by FlashBlade, is twice as fast as the next best system and offers a flexible pricing structure, with customers only paying for the amount of compute and blades they require.

“While AIRI is the perfect fit for organizations that need to deploy AI, there are many organizations just dipping their toes into single server solutions,” said Matt Burr, GM of FlashBlade, Pure Storage. “For organizations that need an interim step between single-server and AIRI, FlashStack is the solution.”

Pure says the system can be extended into modern analytics when customers are ready to do so.

In recent months, the company has unveiled a range of products that are designed to position data and AI at the centre of their operations. In March, it announced it had joined forces with the chipmaker Nvidia to to develop a data storage solution for enterprises looking to deploy AI at scale. The system, called AI-Ready Infrastructure (AIRI), is purpose built to enable data architects and scientists to accelerate data analytics.

Just weeks later, the company unveiled AIRI Mini, an “affordable entry point for organisation to explore and scale as they grow into AI”. Both infrastructure solutions are now available with Cisco Nexus ethernet switches.