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Security spending on Internet of Things to hit $348m this year

Related to one of our other stories today, it seems security and the Internet of Things are pretty much in vogue. Elsewhere we’ve commented on security and data analytics; according to research house Gartner security spending on Internet of Things related issues will hit £348m before the end of 2016.

The security issues related to the Internet of Things are hard to overstate. At the moment your computer, your phone and your tablet are connected and in principle hackable; in future this could just as easily be your car, your refrigerator, anything.

Networked devices are going to increase, says the research giant, quoted in V3. 6.4bn connected devices will be in use by the end of this year, up 30% on the year before, and the potential for them all to be abused has to be taken into account.

Security spending on the Internet of Things will only continue to increase. Gartner is forecasting $547m in 2017.