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Big Data standards to be set

One of the central issues with new technology is precisely that it’s new – so there are no standards established in the early days. According to a report on CIO, the Open Data Platform Initiative (ODPI) has released its first runtime specification for enterprise big data applications across Apache Hadoop distributions.

The idea is to increase simplification of this potentially complex area, and above all to eliminate any fragmentation that’s happening. This is going to be important as the Big Data and analytics field starts to grow; the definition of and standardisation of technologies becomes very important. If there is a merger or acquisition and companies are working with slightly different models, for example, it can become unnecessarily complex to blend the two.

There is also a peripheral issue as marketers take over and start applying the term inappropriately. Without any intention to disrespect any professional discipline, experiences during the 1990s in which anyone sending an email to confirm a meeting was briefly dubbed an “e-business” offers the clue that nailing down some definitions and standards early on is likely to be a positive thing.

In principle, distros should start to share common features as the standard becomes established, and APIs should become similar.