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BSA: UK’s data protection laws make it a leader in cloud computing

British data protection laws make the UK one of the best places in the world to adopt cloud computing services, according to new research.

A report by BSA, the trade body for the global software industry, ranks the UK fourth out of 24 leading IT economies in terms of cloud computing policies.

The UK fell to ninth in last year’s ranking, but this year follows only Germany, the US and Japan thanks to new regulations and the National Cyber Security Strategy.

The annual ranking is designed to help countries evaluate their existing policies and identify the next steps to increasing adoption of cloud computing.

Ministers’ decision to incorporate the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation into UK law was referenced by researchers as a key reason for the UK rising up the rankings.

They added that the UK is free from internet censorship and filtering and that up-to-date laws are in place for e-commerce and electronic signatures.

The BSA also ranked the UK as the global leader in terms of cyber security policy, following the introduction of the National Cyber Security Strategy in November 2016.

However, the report’s authors noted that while the UK’s data protection laws largely support cloud computing, some aspects of legislation do not.

The report states: “There is significant debate in the United Kingdom on the regulation of law enforcement access to data, and some proposals could have a potential negative effect on cloud computing.”

Victoria Espinel, president and CEO of BSA, said cloud computing allows anyone to access technology “previously available only to large organisations”.

She added: “Countries that embrace the free flow of data, implement cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, protect intellectual property, and establish IT infrastructure will continue to reap the benefits of cloud computing for businesses and citizens alike.”