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Calls for unified messaging

An interesting article from Techradar in India has caught our eye – not necessarily for the best of reasons. The blog highlights the difficulty of messaging someone to arrange a call or meeting in the corporate world, pointing out that email remains the most popular form of electronic communication while an incoming generation of workers has all but rejected it completely.

It goes on to examine some of the alternatives such as social media lookalikes Slack, the Microsoft-owned Yammer and Facebook‘s forthcoming Facebook for Work. It could also have mentioned others including closed LinkedIn groups, Convo and numerous competitors.

Each of these offers Instant Messaging as well as groups, and each is appropriate to the corporate world with one major drawback: in none of these cases can messages be exchanged between people using different technologies. So if company A needs to collaborate with company B and A uses Yammer while B uses Slack, there isn’t a way to send IMs between each other.

If that idea were to persist in, for example, the mobile phone world – so that an O2 customer couldn’t call or text a Vodafone customer – there would be extreme disquiet, very quickly.

NS Tech will welcome information from any corporates who have found a way to make this work.