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Cyber criminals think Trump fans are the most gullible, we couldn’t possibly comment

There’s nothing quite like a nail-biting democratic activity to rally the spammers… Yes, they really have no shame.

That’s according to the latest haul of phishing campaign emails received by Proofpoint customers, which are not just targeting interest in the US election – but disproportionately using Trump as the hook.

The most prevalent tactic to get people to click has been ‘too good to be true work from home schemes’ like this one:

Proofpoint work from home

Phishers are also producing not unconvincing ‘surprise news’ emails purporting to be from well-known media brands.

Proofpoint CNN

Looking at Proofpoint’s graphs, Clinton’s name appears almost never in the phishing campaigns it’s been able to get hold of for the analysis.

These of course aren’t new tactics, with links in the email largely leading to credential phishing sites.

Perhaps most interesting was one attempt to get people to enter an ‘election poll’ by filling out their Gmail details in order to participate.

Proofpoint Google Poll

We’ve reached out to CNN to find out if this is something that is affecting people in the wider world.

The lesson: probably never open a Trump email. Just in case.