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CIOs fear cloud is less secure than on-premises servers, Barracuda finds

More than half (57 per cent) of IT decision makers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa believe their on-premises servers are more secure than the cloud, according to a new survey.

The research, conducted by cloud security provider Barracuda Networks, also revealed that 82 per cent had concerns about deploying firewalls in the cloud, with inappropriate pricing and licensing and the absence of centralised management cited as executives’ top concerns.

The survey indicates traditional security is a barrier to entry for many businesses seeking to expand their DevOps units. Just over half (58 per cent) of EMEA respondents had DevOps, DevSecOps or continuous integrated and continuous deployment, and 95 per cent said they had struggled to integrate security into those practices.

In a blogpost, Chris Hill, director of public cloud business development at Barracuda, said he was continuing to see concerns about how firms should be approaching security in the cloud: “There still seems to be a lack of understanding in cloud security, and a misplaced belief that on-premises security is a lot stronger.

“One thing is for sure: as the move to cloud only increases in pace, for organisations that are used to operating under traditional data centre architecture, moving to the cloud will require a new way of thinking when they approach security.”