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ConnectWise wants to simplify how technology teams bill their clients

ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini today launched the company’s new cloud management solution, Unite, in a bid to simplify how technology teams bill their clients.

During a keynote speech at ConnectWise IT Nation Europe, Bellini said the platform would give managed service providers (MSPs) the opportunity to take advantage of a “broad range of cloud solutions to meet their customers’ unique needs”.

“What we’ve done with ConnectWise Unite is give our partners the ability to access these disparate solutions from a single pane of glass and greatly simplify the complexity that comes from dealing with the growing number of solutions they use,” Bellini added.

A select group of clients have been trialling the product since November, but it was only rolled out globally on Wednesday. It allows MSPs to manage, monitor and bill several cloud-based solutions through one portal.

The solution is launching with Amazon Web Services, Cisco Meraki, Cisco Spark, Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud, Cisco Umbrella, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365, and it is understood that additional vendors may be added following partner feedback.

Following his keynote, Bellini told NS Tech that because cloud service providers bill MSPs each month based on usage, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to calculate the bill for each of their clients.

“That’s the new complexity of the world they’re entering into; Unite actually aggregates all of the billing from those services and puts it out on one bill to their customer,” he explained. “That saves them hours and hours.”

Bellini described the pricing for the service as “very aggressive”. He added: “For an individual service, it’s $10 a company a month. So you can say I want to use Unite for Amazon Web Services for this customer and we’ll aggregate all of that and bring everything it into one pane of glass and you’ll pay $10 a month.”

During his keynote, Bellini also revealed that ConnectWise is planning to roll out an Advanced Security Dashboard, which will provide a service similar to Unite, but for security solutions. At launch, the dashboard will exclusively feature Cisco security products, and is expected to be piloted in May and rolled out in September.

ConnectWise’s international revenues rose by 23 per cent last year. Last month, the firm opened an office in Sydney following particularly strong growth in the region, and it is currently expanding into South Africa. In the UK, ConnectWise has 900 partners.