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Scottish Parliament cyber attack is ongoing, say officials

A “brute force” cyber attack on the Scottish Parliament remains ongoing but has not breached defences, officials said this afternoon.

The strike comes weeks after a similar assault on Westminster’s email system compromised up to 90 accounts.

The Scottish Parliament’s CEO Sir Paul Grice said in a message to MSPs and parliamentary staff today: “At this point there is no evidence to suggest that the attack has breached our defenses and our IT systems continue to be fully operational.

“Users should be aware, however, that this attack remains ongoing. It is not uncommon for brute force attacks to be sustained over a period of days so it is essential that IT account users are vigilant and report any suspicious issues.”

“Brute-force” attacks entail hackers repeatedly attempting to access accounts using a range of passwords.

The Guardian reported in June that MPs had pointed the blame for the attack on Westminster at Russian agencies.

Last year, Russia was accused of hacking the Democratic party’s communications in the run up to the US presidential election. In May, it was also linked to the hack on Emmanuel Macron during his campaign to be French president.