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Government seeks IT pro to run cross-department service of “national importance”

The Department for International Development is searching for an IT expert to run an IT-related service of “national importance”.

The role is based in DFID, but the undisclosed project will be developed on behalf of 20 departments and used by more than 8,000 people.

The appointee will work in East Kilbride in Scotland, travel to London regularly and could be paid up to £95,000 a year, according to the advert.

“The Head of Service will be required to build, develop and maintain the service and establish its good reputation amongst partners, building strong relationships with relevant government bodies and helping to build an enduring business model,” the information pack reveals.

Candidates will undergo a rigorous application process including interviews, psychometric tests, fireside chats and an assessment day. They must also meet security requirements.

Adrian Blundell, CIO of DFID, said: “This could be a career defining role and we hope you’ll consider joining us in our important and vastly rewarding work.”