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Dropbox sort of sucks for team working, Dropbox Paper is hoping to change that

Your teams are no doubt collaborating more and often on the fly.

That means you probably have lots Google Docs flying around the office, or you may still be battling with conflicted copies created when you email Office files.

Enter, Dropbox Paper, the cloud company’s attempt to make all of this a bit easier, and which is now in open beta for companies to start testing now.

Dropbox has also announced the launch of dedicated iOS and Android apps for the platform after early testers suggested the initial mobile version wasn’t quite up to scratch.

Dropbox Paper mobile

Users can now live edit documents together, embed content from platforms like YouTube, make real-time comments and even add properly formatted lines of code for others to work on.

It’s much like Google Docs, but borrows less from the document style adopted from Microsoft Word, appearing much more minimalist and clean.

Dropbox has an uphill battle to prove it can be an all-singing answer to all your enterprise collaboration needs in this growing, billion-dollar market.

It was saddled with a $10 billion valuation back in 2014 that it’s struggled to realise as it is still yet to become a profitable company.

Earlier this year, it added another enterprise feature that enables users to scan physical notes using their smartphone, wherever they’re written, store them and search them using optical character recognition.

If your company is an enterprise user, and you’re looking to help people in the office work on stuff together more easily, this could be the answer.