Justin Sullivan / Staff
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Elon Musk says AI is vastly more risky than North Korea

Elon Musk cautioned that artificial intelligence poses “vastly more risk” than North Korea as he renewed his call for regulation of the field.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO’s warning came shortly after a bot created by another of his firms, OpenAI, claimed victory over professionals players of Dota 2.

He tweeted: “If you’re not concerned about AI safety, you should be. Vastly more risk than North Korea.”

He added: “Nobody likes being regulated, but everything (cars, planes, food, drugs, etc) that’s a danger to the public is regulated. AI should be too.”

Musk is one of the industry’s most outspoken critics of AI, entering into a war of words about the topic with Mark Zuckerberg only last month.

He accused the Facebook founder of possessing “a limited understanding” of the field after Zuckerberg said Musk’s warnings about the sector were irresponsible.

In 2015, Musk founded OpenAI as a nonprofit to stop AI from destroying humanity. A year before, he had declared the technology humans’ greatest existential threat.

The risks associated with AI are gaining traction across Westminster. The House of Lords formed a select committee earlier this summer to focus on the economic, social and ethical implications of the tech.

The committee’s chair Tim Clement-Jones told NS Tech that AI is one the defining issues of the age.

One of the issues coming under the committee’s spotlight is the rise of tech giants. Its call for evidence asks: “How can the data-based monopolies of some large corporations, and the ‘winner-takes-all’ economics associated with them, be addressed?”