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You can now tell your MP to push for better broadband – but will you really?

Ofcom’s provisional decision to change BT’s relationship with Openreach, but not ultimately split out the two companies, didn’t come as a great surprise.

There are shareholders and a whopping great pension deficit to think about.

But it does come as a bit of a blow for the rest of the industry who just don’t believe BT has demonstrated that it’s willing to do what is needed to transform the UK into a digital economy.

Now, the likes of TalkTalk, Sky and Vodafone have taken a leaf out of ‘digital campaigning 101’ in order to see if they can stop the final decision in its tracks.

Ofcom is inviting people to comment on the consultation document it’s been working on for the past year. But, recognising that people very rarely do this, the industry has an idea.

Fix Britain’s Internet launched yesterday to help people write to both Ofcom and their MP in just a few clicks, with a pre-populated subject line demanding “give us the internet we need”.

It continues…

“I believe my family, my community and our local businesses deserve the best broadband in the world. Whether it’s finding a job, doing the shopping, educating our kids or falling in love, the internet is essential to our lives and futures.

“Millions of people are not getting the broadband they need today because Openreach is run for the benefit of BT shareholders, not the country. I want to see my money invested in faster, more reliable services and the best technology possible. Instead, things seem to be getting worse.

“I’m pleased that you have agreed things need to change. Ofcom has said separating Openreach entirely is the “cleanest and most clear-cut long term solution”. I know this is a big decision, but you have my full support to be bold and do whatever is necessary to create an Openreach that works for the whole of Britain.”

It’s unlikely this will get the nation fired up as much as something like ‘Bring Back Clarkson‘, a petition that got more than 1 million signatures on without any discernible strategy.

But it you rely on good internet, and can’t always get it, you can now easily add your voice to this effort ahead of the 4 October submission deadline.