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NS Tech live discussion: the coronavirus crisis and the government’s tech response

Join NS Tech and some of the UK’s leading government tech experts on 3 June for a live discussion on how technology can be deployed effectively and ethically to aid the response to the crisis. Register here.

The coronavirus crisis has transformed every aspect of government and the wider public sector, from the delivery of healthcare and education to the provision of welfare and state subsidies. But if there is one element of certainty during this crisis, it is that technology underpins the UK’s response.

Projects that would normally have taken years to deliver have instead been spun up in a matter of weeks, and departments that have operated from grand Whitehall buildings for more than a century are now being run remotely from hundreds of villages, towns and cities across the country. But the speed at which tech initiatives have been established has given rise to concerns about mission creep, accountability and data privacy.

On Wednesday 3 June, between 12 and 1pm BST, NS Tech will bring together technology experts and figures who have served at the highest levels of government for a live discussion on how technology can aid the UK’s response to the crisis, without threatening civil liberties or the institutions it is designed to support.

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NS Tech editor Oscar Williams will be joined by Philip Rycroft, specialist partner at Flint Global and the former Permanent Secretary of the Department for Exiting the European Union, Tanya Filer, the director of StateUp and the leader of the Digital State Project at the Bennett Institute for Public Policy at the University of Cambridge and Jerry Fishenden, a technologist, author and former government deputy chief technology officer.