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Everyone in your office is using Facebook at work and it’s really not meant for that

According to the latest data from Bluecoat, the average company has a huge 841 cloud apps being used across their business – and almost none are fully secure.

The analysis of 15,000 cloud apps revealed that 98 per cent “don’t come close” to complying with the incoming GDPR regulations, with 95 per cent failing SOC 2 security standards.

The Shadow Data Threat Report for the first half of 2016 explains that the distinction between ‘enterprise’ and ‘consumer’ apps is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

Cloud apps

“With the exception of Youtube, all of the most popular consumer apps listed above are not ‘business ready’ although they are being used in nearly every enterprise,” the report says.

Of course, Facebook in particular is attempting to work itself into the fabric of the workplace with its Facebook at Work platform.

After a company signs up, staff can set up a separate Facebook account and start using the platform’s familiar tools to collaborate with coworkers.

Facebook at Work is still in pilot, with hundreds of companies thought to be testing the new enterprise platform.

Facebook’s latest earnings revealed that 1.1 billion people use the service every day – including many, many people at work – now the company has to be eyeing proper domination of the enterprise space too.

Bluecoat believes as many as 12 per cent of all documents that are shared widely within a company, on whatever cloud platform, contain compliance-related or confidential data.

The average financial cost of a data leak via a cloud-based app is now $2 million, up from $1.9 million in the previous half year.

You can find the full Bluecoat report here.