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HPE unveils next-gen storage solutions for SMEs that are pretty damn cheap

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has unveiled two new business products aimed at SMEs struggling with the cost and complexity of data storage.

HPE believers that many smaller companies have been forced to choose between fast-access, flash-based storage and software-defined solutions that reduce costs.

Now it’s updated its existing storage line to offer software-defined storage and hybrid flash products, starting from as a little as $6,000, in order to help companies “eliminate technology dead-ends”.

The HPE StoreVirtual 3200 offers software-defined storage thats is deployable “in minutes” and has options for scaling that HPE says make it a good option for companies focused on virtualisations and building productivity apps.

HPE has also developed a cloud-based analytics platform to go with the system so IT managers can plan capacity more easily.

For the new HPE MSA 2042, the company has added 800 GB of solid state storage and a software suite to its existing entry-level flash product. Users can turn on things like automated tiering so capacity planning is managed automatically.

“No matter your size, when it comes to today’s digital transformation, ‘good enough’ storage is no longer good enough,” explained Bill Philbin, vice president and general manager of storage at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

By offering hybrid cloud options at an increasingly low cost, HPE is trying to attract customers away from public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services.

Dropbox is one of those companies that’s recently decided to make the move.