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Humans are still to blame for data breaches, ICO data reveals

As a human, you’ll know that you’re just another idiot, like everyone else, perhaps wearing a suit, but mainly just trying to avoid embarrassing #fails at work, on the bus, in the toilet.

Well, new data received via a Freedom of Information request to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) confirms that we humans are also still to blame for the majority of personal data breaches.

The request was made by software firm Egress with reference to the security of personal data in the hands of the public sector, which the ICO outlines in Principle 7 of the Data Protection Act (DPA).

Data Protection Act

Despite this requirement to take appropriate action to prevent such breaches, human error was still the cause of 62 per cent of these types of incidents in the first quarter of this year.

Overall, 66 per cent of organisational areas covered in the stats had seen a rise in security incidents around personal data when looking at the same period over three years.

The health sector has consistently experienced the most breaches, while courts and justice organisations have seen the largest increase since 2014.

Businesses are not yet mandated by the ICO to report breaches, although some have done under the DPA, but this will become a requirement under the EU’s GDPR legislation.