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Intel teams up with manufacturers to develop 5G laptops for 2019

Intel has vowed that consumers will be able to buy 5G laptops by the second half of 2019, following the launch of new partnerships with Microsoft, Lenovo, HP and Dell.

The four firms are developing PCs with gigabit connections using Intel’s XMM 8000 series commercial 5G modems, which are currently in production.

“This is not just PC clamshell [laptop] form factors,” Intel’s Rob Topol told reporters. “This is anything that evolves from clamshell form factors.”

An Intel 2-in-1 concept laptop streaming video over a 5G link.

Intel unveiled a concept 5G-connected PC – a detachable 2-in-1 – at Mobile World Congress on Monday. The prototype (pictured above) was livestreaming video over 5G and is capable of download speeds of 5.3 Gbps.

The laptops due to be launched next year will also support 2G, 3G and 4G, Intel said. But at the moment, the company has revealed few other details about the devices.

The firm has also announced a new partnership with Spreadtrum, a Chinese mobile chipset manufacturer, to integrate its 5G modem into next year’s mobile platform.

The announcements come after Qualcomm revealed it would also be working to put 5G modems into mobile devices next year.