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London is still the most popular European city among global tech workers

London remains the most popular European city among international tech workers, new research has revealed, allaying fears that Brexit is detering technologists from relocating to the capital.

Analysis of LinkedIn data by the Mayor of London’s promotional agency revealed that London welcomed both more EU and non-EU tech workers than any other European city in 2017. Berlin was the second most popular destination within the EU, while Paris was the second most popular destination among workers from elsewhere.

“London is the tech capital of Europe and home to some of the best tech and creative minds from across the world,” said Sadiq Khan. “Global tech companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google continue to invest in London because of our city’s diverse international tech workforce.”

In November, a survey by Tech London Advocates found that a third of employers had seen talks with potential overseas hires break down as a result of Brexit. In addition, nearly two thirds of entrepreneurs surveyed said that Brexit has damaged the sector’s international reputation.

Russ Shaw, founder of London Tech Advocates, warned that diminishing access to European talent would have a significant impact on entrepreneurs’ ability to grow tech companies in the UK.