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Morrisons fined for sending thousands of emails to customers who had opted out of email marketing

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has fined Morrisons £10,500 for sending more than 130,000 marketing emails to customers who had opted out of email marketing.

The national supermarket chain sent the emails between October and November last year, inviting customers to change their marketing preferences for their More card.

Simon Entwistle, deputy commissioner, said in a statement: “It is vital that the public can trust companies to respect their wishes when it comes to how their personal information is used for marketing.

“These customers had explicitly told Morrisons they didn’t want marketing emails about their More card. Morrisons ignored their decision and for that we’ve taken action.”

A Morrisons spokesperson said: “We sent out an information message to a small percentage of our customers that aimed to provide some helpful information about our service. We did this with the best of intentions and we’re disappointed that this was deemed to be ‘marketing material’.”

New data protection laws coming into force next year raise the bar for consent that organisations need to use personal data for marketing.