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Hackers could manipulate popular syringe pumps, researcher warns

Hackers could exploit flaws in a popular brand of syringe pump to alter the dosages administered to patients, a researcher has warned.

Scott Gayou identified eight separate security vulnerabilities in the devices, which are used in hospitals around the world.

His findings led the US Department of Homeland Security to issue a warning about the pumps’ vulnerability to hacking.

Smiths Medical, the manufacturer, has promised to send a patch by 2018, while offering advice about how to mitigate the risk in the meantime.

It said in a statement the risk was low because a “complex and unlikely series of conditions” would be required before hackers could strike.

The DHS added that there were no known cases of the device’s being exploited by hackers in public.

The research comes weeks after 465,000 US users of pacemakers were instructed to visit their doctors to receive a security patch.