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TechUK blasts government’s leaked EU immigration plans

The UK’s tech trade association has slammed the government’s leaked plans to curb migration from the EU after Brexit.

Antony Walker, deputy CEO of TechUK, said the proposals would be read with dismay by many of the UK’s fastest growing firms.

“To make a success of Brexit the UK needs an immigration policy that supports the vision of Global Britain,” he said.

“While only a draft, this paper does not fulfil that ambition, and we hope that Government will bring forward a much more business friendly plan when officially setting out a post-Brexit policy.”

The proposals, leaked to the Guardian, reveal government plans to deter all but highly-skilled EU workers from moving to the UK.

People from the EU will have to earn a certain amount every year to move to Britain. They will also have to provide biometric data to secure indefinite leave to remain.

Julian David, CEO of TechUK, has previously warned the government to avoid a “crash landing” Brexit that would put British jobs and investment in jeopardy.

The leaked documents have not given the stamp of approval by minister. The final proposals are due to be revealed later this year.