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US big data firm Teradata buys London startup Big Data Partnership

Big data just got smaller as publicly listed US firm Teradata announced the buyout of London’s Big Data Partnership.

Both companies offer their customers big data analytics products that bring together different datasets to help get more value from existing assets.

Old boy Teradata has a hardware, as well as software, focus and has long been a credible enterprise data warehouse provider for storage, backup and analysis.

This is likely an acquisition of skills, as much as the small business itself, as Big Data’s young data science team is well-versed in the latest open-source developments from projects like Apache and NoSQL.

The Big Data Partnership will help Teradata’s consultancy arm Think Big push its expertise in this area.

The deal will also help Teradata tackle the EMEA region, with an initial focus on the UK, France, Germany, Nordics, Switzerland, extending over to China too.

The terms were not released but Big Data has raised just over £4 million since in was founded in 2012, meaning a likely modest buyout fee, but a good exit for its backers.

“The two organisations are well aligned, and our joining of forces will ensure a global capacity to support data-driven business transformation initiatives,” said Carmen Carey, CEO of Big Data Partnership.

“I look forward to seeing the new joint entity shaping and driving the global big data market.”