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The week in view

It’s been quite a week in technology. Our parent publication, the New Statesman, has been watching the leak of the Panama Papers and includes items such as this following the Prime Minister’s admission of his own shareholding.

In the IT bubble, meanwhile, things have been moving peacefully enough; a new accreditation for young people will hopefully encourage new blood into the profession, particularly since the awarding body now has United Nations recognition.

Security has been an issue, with US hospitals hit and an acquisition. The public sector has been under the microscope (and this afternoon come back to this site for an interview with the CEO of St. Helen’s) as health services are set to improve with digital technology and the BBC looks set to revamp its sourcing strategy.

It’s also been an exciting time for technological advances, with caveats. IBM is pushing its cognitive computing offering hard, with the claim that this will bring down the cost of Big Data. The value of Big Data in and of itself has been queried, meanwhile, mostly because people are using it instead of rather than as well as common sense.

Later today we’ll have the interview with Mike Palin of St. Helen’s online as well as the first of our lighter-hearted water-cooler columns, which will appear fortnight.

Have a good weekend.

Guy Clapperton

Launch editor