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The week in view

Security has been in the news this week, with Australia finding its plans to tighten it up leaked and BT recruiting for security staff. As our weekly feature (come back here at 1pm to read it) confirms, security is a major issue for most people at the moment. Elsewhere people have been reporting on new European privacy rules, as in this Guardian clipping – and New Statesman Tech has had some pretty robust responses.

It might be easier if we were all at the same stage in terms of technology adoption, but looking at the report on the NHS and its varying maturities in computing that’s clearly not the case. Suppliers are apparently standing by to see what the various public sector institutions will do. It can certainly commission research and pretty much sit on the findings.

Finally Big Data is becoming, well, big. From a more personal service from certain banks (although we wonder whether that makes it Small Data rather than Big Data when it’s applied on such a micro level) to deciding what’s on your playlist, the software is becoming increasingly important in making decisions on our behalf.

Want to listen to the Beatles? Sorry, computer says no…

Guy Clapperton

Acting Editor, New Statesman Tech