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The week in view

Motoring towards the end of April we see a number of technical advances happening. Innovations in single atom storage, for example, or even bigger storage. (Your editor remembers buying a computer with as many as two gigabytes in the mid-nineties and reflecting that he’d never need another one. Twit.)

Security remains an issue with people not trusting their third parties and of course European law taking IT professionals by surprise. (It shouldn’t have – here’s the BBC explaining what’s changed last week, it wasn’t a secret). None of which will matter if our interviewee last week was correct and young people won’t apply for IT jobs. That’s hardly a surprise if they don’t get trained.

Nonetheless IT is growing. We have a new technology advisor to the government. Banks want Big Data accessible to the smaller business.

And the IT companies have their crystal balls out, telling us about the future of work.

We can at least predict confidently that we’ll be back here next week…