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The week in view

It’s been quite a week for security stories but isn’t it always? Incidents in Mexico and of course the bank in Bangladesh with its second-hand security set-up kicked us off with illustrations of just how lax things can be. If people hadn’t lost so much it would have been almost amusing. It’s not surprising that people worry about Big Data if that’s how it’s going to be treated.

Deployed well, data can be a massive boon, as seen in the health sector and elsewhere. Concerns started to emerge, however, about the amount of power data centres are consuming, which when added to our story a while ago about water consumption suggests the ecology piece is starting to look a little hazy in the IT world.

The cloud has also seen advances. IBM is making more intelligent apps. The UK is falling behind as a cloud location. And Samsung’s new cloud technology will do…er…everything.

Oh, and just when we thought the story a few weeks back about using rocks to store data was far-reaching, we now find Microsoft is experimenting with DNA. We promise to try to be a bit less sci-fi in the coming weeks.