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Twilio’s new cloud Marketplace proves the future is partnerships

There are as many business ‘solutions’ as there are planets in the solar system, it often feels like, so what savvy tech providers like Salesforce and now Twilio offer are those oh-so-simple partner integrations.

Twilio, for the uninitiated, launched back in 2008 with the offer of a cloud-based ‘call centre in a box’, available via an easy API integration.

It’s already used by the likes of Uber, eBay and Airbnb to power app-based communications with their customers, which gives it credibility with the lean tech crowd.

Twilio has now launched a Marketplace for its customers to buy, and indeed sell, pre-integrated Add-ons so that it can offer a more rounded communications infrastructure, without actually having to build it.

Apps powered by Twilio can now benefit from pre-integrated services like IBM Watson, which offers artificially intelligent message sentiment and trend analysis, customer data platform Whitepages Pro and user verification software from Payfone.

Twilio is pushing the opportunity for ‘one-click integration’ and uses the same payments structure, with pay-as-you-use billing, it offers existing customers.

As the new tech trend now requires, Twilio has launched its new toolkit at a 2,000-strong meetup of developers that already use the platform.