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This week at NS Tech: the industry rolls up its sleeves post-Brexit…

Every week we scour the headlines to find a few key stories you need to know about in enterprise tech, some upcoming trends and events, and even some funnies for you to take to the water cooler.

What now?

You don’t need a tech publication to tell you that Brexit is now all but happening (Article 50 technicalities aside) and events so far have proven that there’s certainly going to be turmoil in the short term.

But, while the tech community was vocal both in its support for Remain, and could be quite adversely affected by our plan to leave, this hasn’t stopped innovators doing what they do best.

Over the weekend, Telefónica’s Wayra accelerator quickly rounded up the troops for a DataGirls data hackathon that attempted to analyse the 800,000 Brexit tweets to help us answer the question: ‘why?’. More on the results later.

Tonight, an event hurried together by the folks over at Newspeak House (geddit?), a community space for political technologists in East London, will ask: ‘what now?’ of the “angry technologists” gathered.

The team writes: “Even those of you who wanted brexit can’t be happy with what happened in the campaigns. Or what has happened since. How can politics and tech engage with the 52%? How can we bring together the older generation who voted out with the young who voted in?”

Having last week pulled together an early post-mortem of some of the things that may affect the tech community as we pull out, this week we’re looking at a few issues in more depth.

What happens to Ed Vaizey’s long-awaited Digital Strategy post-EU? What do we do if big tech companies stop investing in the UK?

Tune in during the week for answers to these questions.

Tech for social good

As if it could see what was coming, the Centre for Acceleration of Social Technology is hosting an event this Thursday that brings together some pretty big hitters to discuss how we speed up the use of tech to drive social change.

In the room will be Matt Hancock MP and senior leaders from the likes of Facebook, Google, Microsoft and IBM and Kainos.

The pitch formerly known as Pitch to Rich

The show must go on, as they say, and this week brings back Richard Branson’s startup competition, VOOM, formerly known as Pitch to Rich.

Battling for cash in front of judges including model Tyra Banks (of course) will be a number of cool cleantech innovators, such as plastic-waste-to-asphalt creator MacRebeur and London’s bio-bean, which makes good of the nation’s coffee habit by recycling the grounds into biofuel.

Perhaps the name change was an acknowledgement that you probably need way more than £50,000 to build a successful startup in London these days…

Just for fun…

Brexit has opened up a whole well of creativity among Britons trying to make head and tale of our decision to leave the EU.

Here’s a simple, yet effective, poster we saw out and about this weekend.

Oh Well

And, in case you missed it, here’s the UK’s own John Oliver on Last Week Tonight in the US with his analysis.

Warning: there is a bit of swearing, but surely that’s OK under the circumstances.