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The week in view

Every week at around this time we plan to offer readers a bit of an overview of the events of the last seven days, as reported on New Statesman Tech and also as relayed elsewhere. We’ve picked a short week to launch, and we’ve only been running since Wednesday.

That said, it’s been lively. We’ve seen claims that technology will completely transform the public sector (your launch editor has been writing the “such-and-such claims this technology will change the world” story since 1989 and can I say what a pleasure it was seeing it again). There’s been a demonstration of how to record data into rocks – OK, a very specific sort of rock, but a rock nonetheless. And the government has started to realise that a co-ordinated approach to technology would be a really good idea. This is of course very easy to write and fiendishly difficult to implement, particularly as so many departments are so far into their IT from different starting points.

Elsewhere, internationally, organised crime has shown us what real collaboration looks like. No wonder security contractors are among the most called-for IT professionals in the field.

Outside our own sphere (and we’re only days old) there have been battles for dominance in Big Data, according to Computer Business Review, and the same publication reports on World Backup Day – we also write about storage, but it’s no use if it lets you down.

Finally privacy is in the headlines, with the FBI finally cracking an iPhone it wanted to access. Privacy is a growing issue and we need to watch it carefully; here’s one of our first guest columnists on the so-called Snoopers’ Charter.

Keep checking back for our daily news coverage and further columns and opinions towards the end of the week – see you next time.

Guy Clapperton

Launch editor, New Statesman Tech