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Will cloud technology transform public sector IT?

An article in the Liberal Democrat Voice blog has highlighted how new technology might be about to transform public sector technology in an entirely new way – and if that’s an unexpected source of information, how about the fact that it identifies George Galloway as innovator-in-chief on this occasion?

Galloway’s economics advisor has suggested putting the entire mayoral budget on a Blockchain. This means decentralising all of the transactions that take place and instead distributing them around every node of the chain in the cloud, and – believes the Lib Dem blog – making it all fraud-proof in the process because of the duplication (so if the transactions don’t match, there’s something wrong).

The result would be huge savings as the cost and complexity of tasks goes down, and this appears to be supported by the government’s own report into the subject. There are additional benefits to be had in terms of transparency, the Lib Dem report says.

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