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The biggest govtech deals of the week (3/3/20)

This is the latest instalment of an exclusive series analysing the UK’s biggest public sector tech deals. In partnership with GlobalData, we’ve drilled down into the most valuable tenders and awards from the last seven days. Here’s what we found this week…

The top prior information notices

This week’s featured PIN

Buyer: Highways England
Title: National technical survey and testing services
Lowdown: Highways England has unveiled plans to splash £10m on the technology underpinning a nationwide survey of the country’s road network. According to the prior information notice, the survey will harness a range of technology including bluetooth, cameras and “automatic tube counters” to monitor traffic across the network. It’s expected that the contract will have been awarded by the end of the month.

The best of the rest

Buyer: Joint Forces Command (JFC)
Title: Provision, installation, maintenance and support of new Control and Reporting Centre (CRC) Systems Interface (CSI) remote cabins
Estimated publication date: August / September 2020
Value: £350k-870k

Buyer: Joint Forces Command
Title: Replace the existing Bowman Key Variable Management System (BKVMS)
Deadline for registering interest: 14 September 2020
Value: £N/A

Buyer: Department of Finance (DoF) on behalf of General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland
Title: Registration database and related services
Deadline for registering interest: 18 August 2020
Value: £N/A

The top tenders

This week’s featured tender

Buyer: Welsh Government
Title: End-to-end digital service
The lowdown: The Welsh Government has issued one of the largest tenders of the week: a £1m contract to deliver the technology required to provide financial support to people who were “either recently made redundant or are about to be made redundant; those who are unemployed or economically inactive, and vulnerable groups”, according to the tender notice. The current system, the notice adds, is “largely based on paper processes and will not scale to provide the required functionality or reliability”. Prospective suppliers have until 12 August to apply for the award.

The best of the rest

Buyer: Barking and Dagenham Council
Title: Framework: Consultancy and support services including IT support
Deadline: 31 August 2020
Value: £50m

Buyer: Croydon Council
Title: Replacement of an existing back office ICT system
Deadline: 1 September 2020
Value: £10.5m

Buyer: Isle of Wight NHS Trust
Title: Out of hours definitive telephone clinical assessment service
Deadline: 28 August 2020
Value: £3m

Buyer: Open University
Title: Streamlined, customisable, cost effective, SaaS e-portfolio system
Deadline: 21 September 2020
Value: £2m

The top awards

This week’s featured award

Buyer: Air Command, Ministry of Defence
Supplier: IBM
Title: Support to the United Kingdom Air Surveillance and Control System (UKASACS) Command and Control System (UCCS)
The lowdown: IBM has secured a one-year extension of its multi-million pound deal to support the Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) Air Command and Control System. According to the award notice, the system “monitors UK and NATO airspace and satisfies the enduring requirement the MoD has to conduct Air Command and Control for the defence of the UK”. The initial deal was worth at least £56m and the extension is worth a further £8m.

The best of the rest

Buyer: National Procurement Service on behalf of Welsh Government
Supplier: XMA
Title: Framework: Provision of a range of IT products and services
Award date: 30 July 2020
Value: £300m

Buyer: Crown Commercial Service on behalf of HM Treasury
Supplier: NTT Data
Title: Provision of core IT services
Award date: 24 July 2020
Value: £250m

Buyer: Ministry of Justice
Supplier: Various
Title: Framework: GLD online resources
Award date: 29 July 2020
Value: £12.6m-32.4m

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