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The biggest govtech deals of the week (09/03/20)

This is the latest instalment of an exclusive series analysing the UK’s biggest public sector tech deals. In partnership with GlobalData, we’ve drilled down into the most valuable tenders and awards from the last seven days. Here’s what we found this week…

The top prior information notices

This week’s featured PIN

Buyer: Network Rail
Title: Pre-tender for innovative solutions related to real-time platform crowding information and smart asset monitoring as part of Innovation Station Testbed Programme
The lowdown: Network Rail has unveiled plans for a design contest to identify solutions to two challenges facing the organisation: the monitoring of platform crowding and smart assets. The arm’s length body is planning to host a launch event for competitors on 12 April. Further details about the event can be found on the pre-tender notice here.
Design contest note publication date: 9 April 2020
Value: N/A

The best of the rest

Buyer: Welsh Government
Title: Pre-tender to reprocure Hwb education digital learning platform
The lowdown:
Deadline for registering interest: N/A
Value: £5m

Buyer: Leeds Council
Title: Pre-tender for supply and maintenance of data network hardware and maintenance
Deadline for registering interest: N/A
Value: £N/A

Buyer: Northern Ireland Housing Executive
Title: Pre-tender for replacing the current Civica Icon IMS with a cloud based system and related services
Deadline for registering interest: 10 March 2020
Value: £N/A

Buyer: De Montford University
Title: Pre-tender for a clinical simulation suite including an audio-visual learning management system, AV learning management system
Deadline for registering interest: 12 March 2020
Value: £N/A

The top tenders

This week’s featured tender

Buyer: Crown Commercial Service
Title: Tender of a framework agreement for G-cloud services
The lowdown: CCS is inviting suppliers to apply to be listed on the 12th iteration of G-Cloud. Estimated to be worth just shy of £2bn, G-Cloud is the government’s flagship technology framework. The contract is expected to remain in place for twelve months, starting on 2 July.
Deadline: 22 April 2020
Value: £1.95bn

The best of the rest

Buyer: Joint Information Systems Committee
Title: Tender to provide research outputs repository systems
Deadline: 26 April 2024
Value: £10m

Buyer: Joint Forces Command
Title: Tender for Land Environment Air Picture Provision (LEAPP) system and support services
Deadline: 17 March 2020
Value: £1m-10m

Buyer: HM Revenue and Customs
Title: Tender for building and operating a Continuous Integration-Continuous Delivery (CI-CD) capability
Deadline: 13 March 2020
Value: £9.2m

Buyer: University of Plymouth
Title: Tender for AV hardware supply, fitting, installation and consultancy services
Deadline: 5 April 2020
Value: £5m

The top awards

This week’s featured award

Buyer: NI Water
Supplier: Codec
: Digital services solution
The lowdown: The tech consultancy firm Codec has secured one of the largest awards announced last week: a £7.5m deal to assist NI Water with a digital transformation programme. The utility provider said it “recognises that our customers’ expectations are increasing as they compare our services with services in other utilities and in other sectors. We know our customers now expect to be engaged digitally, to self-serve online and receive a consistent service across channels and devices.”
Value: £7.5m

Buyer: South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
Supplier: Various
: Ambulance and specialist vehicle supply including Microsoft software and services lease facilities
Award date: 5 March 2020
Value: £500m

The best of the rest

Buyer: Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S)
Supplier: MASS Consultants
: Joint Command And Staff Training (JCAST)
Award date: 4 March 2020
Value: £25m-50m

Buyer: NI Water
Supplier: Codec
: Digital services solution
Award date: 2 March 2020
Value: £7.5m

Buyer: Heriot-Watt University
Supplier: Oracle
Title: Purchase of various Oracle Fusion cloud software commodity licences
Award date: 6 March 2020
Value: £5m

Buyer: Leicestershire Constabulary
Supplier: Quatrix
Title: Network maintenance
Award date: 5 March 2020
Value: £4.8m

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