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DVLA has taken to Twitter to show off the future of driving licences with Apple Pay

The UK government abolished the paper part of your driving licence last year and moved driver information online, it said to “save motorists money, reduce red tape and make sure that employers weren’t relying on potentially out-of-date paper”.

Now the CEO of DVLA Oliver Morley has taken to Twitter to tease what could be the next innovation coming out of his increasingly ‘digital by default’ department.

Finding that when you tell the crowd about something you’re working on, you get some inevitable queries back, Morley clarified a few things.

Morley is a supporter of the government’s Common Technology Services efforts and would no doubt be keen to work with Apple to jazz up vehicle licencing systems.

If the DVLA is able to get this off the ground, it looks like Apple’s wallet could become a preferred provider for all sorts of government services that require ID.

Once Android Pay arrives in the UK too, and anticipating it’s also keen to win government work, almost everybody could start using their mobile to enable personal government services.

But, while this development would offer something slick and accessible for many, it would give these huge technology companies an ever-greater view into our personal lives.