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Version 8 of UK government app market G-Cloud to arrive in August

The British government’s app marketplace, G-Cloud, will get a makeover later this year as G-Cloud version 8 becomes a reality in August.

Reported in Public Technology, the new iteration of the cloud will have new apps from authorised suppliers. Interested people are invited to apply and that process is expected to launch sometime next month (the report says the 17th but until there’s official confirmation you can’t be certain).

A government blog speaks of simplifying the language this time around so that suppliers will know where they stand, although it also talks about not having the resources to simplify the language. Which doesn’t sound simple to us.

Interested bodies will also need to watch to see whether hints that the current categories in G-Cloud are set for a makeover come to anything. Presumably this would mean re-classifying all existing entries, which would be no mean feat; this news service has been running for a matter of weeks and already we wouldn’t fancy re-tagging every item around a new set of sections.