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G-Cloud spending hits £1bn

The government’s G-Cloud marketplace is proving to be a major success, as evidenced by the announcement that spending on it has passed £1bn in a single for the first time.

Widely reported on the business wires, the spike in sales is actually unexplained as during most months sales come in at between £40m and £50m. A new framework was published but an almost threefold increase (the actual figure is £1.141bn, which if you take £40m as a base line is a massive hike) is an oddity.

Whether this is a one-off blip or an incoming trend will presumably become clear in the coming months. Meanwhile the split between central government and local government spending remained constant, with Whitehall accounting for 76 per cent of the total. Around 52 per cent of the spend went to the small to medium enterprise market.

G-Cloud is the government’s marketplace for digital services for all of the public sector.