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The biggest govtech deals of the week (3/6/20)

This is the latest instalment of an exclusive series analysing the UK’s biggest public sector tech deals. In partnership with GlobalData, we’ve drilled down into the most valuable tenders and awards from the last seven days. Here’s what we found this week…

The top prior information notices

This week’s featured PIN

Buyer: Crown Commercial Service
Title: Framework: Provision of back office transformation services
The lowdown: The Crown Commercial Service has unveiled plans to launch a £100m framework covering back office transformation services. The framework will be the recommended procurement vehicle for all central government department developing back office transformation projects, but also be available to all public sector organisations in the UK. It’s expected to go live in late September.

The best of the rest

Buyer: Transport for West Midlands
Title: Framework: Real time information service
Register interest deadline: 18 June 2020
: £3m

Buyer: Home Office
Title: Visas and Citizenship (V&C) directorate operations
Register interest deadline: 22 June 2020
Value: £N/A

Buyer: University of Bristol
Title: Development of a reality emulator
Estimated publication date: 31 July 2020
Value: £N/A

The top tenders

This week’s featured tender

Buyer: Highways England
Title: National Traffic Information Service (NTIS)
The lowdown: Highways England is overhauling the technology that underpins the National Traffic Information Service. The service produces real-time traffic data on the 4,300 miles of roads which fall within the agency’s scope. The contract is worth £62m and suppliers have until 23 June to put in their bids.

The best of the rest

Buyer: Network Rail
Title: Online key management system
Deadline: 22 June 2020
Value: £6m

Buyer: Department for Education
Title: Technical capability to support data transformation work programme
Deadline: 11 June 2020
Value: £4.5m

Buyer: Caerphilly Council
Title: Cashless catering system
Deadline: 11 June 2020
Value: £3m

Buyer: Cambridge, Huntingdonshire and South Cambridgeshire Councils
Title: HR and payroll information system
Deadline: 4 June 2020
Value: £2.5m

The top awards

This week’s featured award

Buyer: NHS Shared Business Services
Supplier: Various
Title: Framework: Cyber security services
The lowdown: The health service’s procurement unit has joined forces with NHS Digital to put in place a new £250m framework covering cyber security services. The framework lists the professional services giants EY, KPMG, Deloitte and PwC, as well as management consultancy firms and outsourcers, as approved suppliers.

The best of the rest

Buyer: Student Loans Company
Supplier: Exception
Title: Information technology services
Award date: 28 May 2020
Value: £13m

Buyer: HM Revenue and Customs
Supplier: eSynergy Solutions
Title: Multi-technology expertise
Award date: 26 May 2020
Value: £4.6m

Buyer: HM Revenue and Customs
Supplier: Equal Experts
: Multi-technology expertise
Award date: 27 May 2020
Value: £4.6m

Buyer: Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S)
Supplier: MDS Technologies
: P3M support
Award date: 27 May 2020
Value: £4.3-4.6m

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