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The biggest govtech deals of the week (21/04/20)

This is the latest instalment of an exclusive series analysing the UK’s biggest public sector tech deals. In partnership with GlobalData, we’ve drilled down into the most valuable tenders and awards from the last seven days. Here’s what we found this week…

The top prior information notices

This week’s featured PIN

Buyer: Fife Council
Title: Training and development services across key areas including information and communication technology, and e-learning
Lowdown: For the third time in four weeks, we’ve been able to identify just one pre-tender notice. This week, it comes from Fife Council, which is planning to put in place in place a dynamic purchasing system to procure training and development services across a range of areas, including IT literacy, as well as basic and advanced tech skills. 

The top tenders

This week’s featured tender

Buyer: West Midlands Combined Authority
Title: Framework: Intelligent demand responsive transport (DRT) network
Lowdown: One of the largest tenders of the weeks comes from West Midlands Combined Authority, which is looking to establish an “intelligent demand responsive transport (DRT) network framework agreement”. The framework is worth £10m and prospective suppliers have until 15 May to submit their applications.

The best of the rest

Buyer: Manchester Metropolitan University
Title: Human resources and finance cloud based system
Deadline: 14 May 2020
Value: £5.6m

Buyer: UK Shared Business Services
Title: Maintain all the existing Oracle applications, databases, associated hardware and storage
Deadline: 30 April 2020
Value: £1.2m

Buyer: Croydon Council
Title: IT solution to manage the residential licensing schemes
Deadline: 28 May 2020
Value: £400k

Buyer: University of Exeter
Title: Industry demonstrator for the Exeter Digital Enterprise Systems Lab
Deadline: 11 May 2020
Value: £190k

The top awards

This week’s featured award

Buyer: HealthTrust Europe on behalf of University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust
Supplier: Dell
Title: Framework: Enterprise Level Information Communication Technology (ICT) solutions
The lowdown: Dell has secured the largest award of the week: a framework set up by HealthTrust Europe for enterprise ICT that is estimated to be worth £1bn. The deal was inked on 16 April and will remain in place for four years.
Award date: 16 April
Value: £1bn

The best of the rest

Buyer: Department for Work and Pensions
Supplier: Fujitsu
Title: VME Million Instructions Per Second (MIPS) licences
Award date: 16 April 2020
Value: £28.7m

Buyer: West Mercia Police
Supplier: Novosco
: IT servers and storage
Award date: 15 April 2020
Value: £5m

Buyer: Department for Infrastructure and Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA)
Supplier: Capita
: Maintenance and support arrangements for booking services and IT hardware
Award date: 15 April 2020
Value: £3.9m

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