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Metropolitan Police dithers on iPads

A year ago the Metropolitan Police Force finished a pilot scheme in which officers were issued with iPads. Now, according to V3… nothing has happened. No decision has been taken at all on whether the idea will be adopted nationwide.

The V3 report comes after a Freedom of Information request that revealed a £6m spend on evaluating different tablet computers. Only 641 iPads were ever given out, in the Hammersmith and Fulham area, and they’re still out there. About 80 per cent of the spend was on software and a database to make the iPads worthwhile.

So by now £6m has been spent on a trial that has yielded no conclusion at all. The Met has stressed that the research is ongoing and no formal deadline exists for deciding which mobile systems will work best – but can anyone imagine a similar thing happening in the private sector?

NS Tech would like to deny any speculation that we’d really enjoy writing a piece on police iPads getting nicked.