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Govtech accelerator Public unveils latest startup cohort

A govtech accelerator founded by one of David Cameron’s former policy chiefs has unveiled the latest cohort of startups set to join its programme.

Public, which was co-founded by the politico Daniel Korski in 2017, has invited 14 new govtech startups to join its pan-European programme, the first of its kind.

The startups are British, German and French, and have set out to tackle a range of issues, from assisting the elderly online to helping police forces block harmful online content.

“The startups joining this year’s accelerator programme in the UK, France and Germany are showing just how cutting-edge technology can improve public services and empower citizens,” said Korski, Public’s chief executive.

“From a field of hundreds, the fourteen companies we’ve selected for the GovStart programme have the potential to really transform services from policing to healthcare – helping to build the future of the state.”

Public, which has office space in the UK, France and Germany, has so far raised £42m of investment for startups which have won £9m of public sector contracts. It opened a new office in London, off Whitehall, earlier this month.

The full list of companies, described in their own words, is as follows:


  • Coursematch – Coursematch is an app that helps prospective students find and understand university courses in a fast and simple way. Based in Birmingham. Founders: Chris Worsey & Joe Perkins.
  • Bookb – The Netflix of books, BookB is a platform that allows users to choose books from their local library and have them delivered to your door at minimal cost and effort. Libraries gain revenue share from subscriptions. Based in London, Bookb’s founders – Jibril Gudal, Abdikaliq Ige – are two undergraduates from Oxford University.
  • Cinapsis – Cinapsis helps clinicians recommend patients to specialist services in a seamless and integrated way, helping to reduce waiting times and decrease litigation. Based in London, with first trials in Gloucestershire. Founder: Owain Rhys Hughes.
  • Unblur – Unblur is a platform helping emergency services and first responders coordinate and communicate in one dashboard, integrating camera feeds and geo-location. They were runners up in the Pitch GovTech competition at the 2018 GovTech Summit. Based in Barcelona. Founders: Alfonso Zamarro Junquera.
  • Cyan Forensics – Cyan Forensics builds technology that helps law enforcement and security services identify and remove or block harmful content, such as terrorist imagery or images of child exploitation. Based in Edinburgh. Founders: Ian Stevenson, Bruce Ramsay.
  • Mush – Mush is a social network for mums, helping parents to interact and avoid loneliness. Based in London. Founders: Sarah Hesz & Katie Massie-Taylor.
  • Vine Health – Vine Health is a former EF company that aims to help cancer patients manage their condition and medication with greater ease and confidence. Based in London. Founders: Dr Rayna Patel & Georgina Kirby.
  • Birdie – Birdie utilises connected devices and digitises the medical administration for social care to provide a cheaper and more responsive process for home care. Based in London. Founders: Max Parmentier, Rajiv Tanna, Gwen Le Calvez, Abeed Mohamed.


  • Nepos – Nepos is a solution that sits on your internet browser and helps the elderly navigate online. Based in Berlin. Founders: Paul Lunow and Florian Schindler.
  • Polyteia – Polyteia is a platform that helps local councils visualise, order and understand their data better and make better decisions. Based in Berlin. Founders: Lukas Rambold, Taisia Antonova, Faruk Tuncer.
  • Convaise – Convaise is a chatbot that helps local administrations cut out forms and data entry, saving time and money. Based in Munich. Founders: Jacob von der Haar, Tushaar Bhatt.


  • Manty – Manty helps public bodies manage fuse and visualise data with ease to make better decisions. Based in Paris. Founders: Mathieu Nohet, Joseph-Marie Valleix, Lucas Gaillard.
  • Cap Collectif – Cap Collectif helps citizens and public sector decision-makers interact and discuss key policy issues at a local and national level. They recently worked with French President Emmanuel Macron on his ‘Grand Debat’. Based in Paris. Founders: Cyril Lage, Maxime Arrouard.
  • New Vector – New Vector is developing an open source solution based on the Matrix standard to enable governments, public actors, private companies and individuals to communicate in a secure and decentralized way. Based between Rennes and London. Founders: Matthew Hodgson, Amandine Le Pape.