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Skills gap to hit public sector?

An opinion piece in Computer Business Review, published by the same company as New Statesman Tech, suggests that the UK may be misreading the skills gap issue slightly. It’s not just a private sector issue, suggests Andrew Lawson, UK and Ireland managing director for Salesforce, it’s hitting the private sector too.

Actually given the amount of outsourcing that happens in which a private company carries out back office work for Whitehall or a less central entity, we’d argue that the distinction between the two has become pretty blurred anyway.

The article is eloquent and refers to younger employees’ wish to make a difference rather than earn a lot of money, which Lawson suggests should be among the incentives deployed for recruitment when financial strictures apply. There is something in this, although New Statesman Tech’s instinct is still to pay a fair going rate for a job whenever possible.

There is an overall issue with skills and particularly with recruiting young people to the IT profession, as discussed in our CompTIA interview a couple of weeks ago.