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The biggest govtech opportunities of the week (12/11/20)

This is the latest instalment of an exclusive series analysing the UK’s biggest public sector tech deals. In partnership with GlobalData, we’ve drilled down into the most valuable tenders from the last seven days. Here’s what we found this week…

The top prior information notices

This week’s featured PIN

Buyer: Ministry of Justice
Title: HMCTS Assisted Digital Support Early Engagement Notice
The lowdown: The Ministry of Justice is searching for a partner that can provide support for less tech-savvy citizens trying to navigate its new online court system. The value of the contract has not been disclosed, but prospective suppliers have until 17 November to submit their applications.

The best of the rest

Buyer: CT Catapult
Title: Human resources management consultancy services
Estimated publication date: 20 January 2021
Value: £2.7m

Buyer: NHS Shared Business Services
Title: Records management tender
Estimated publication date: 30 November 2020
Value: £1.76m

Buyer: Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S)
Title: Specialist training services
Deadline for registering interest: 11 November 2020
Value: £N/A

The top tenders

This week’s featured tender

Buyer: HM Land Registry
Title: Data conversion services
The lowdown: The Land Registry has launched one of the largest tenders of the week: a £25m tender to provide data conversion services in support of the “industrialisation” of the Local Land Charge. The deadline for applications is 2 December.

The best of the rest

Buyer: Metropolitan Police Service
Title: Framework: Integrator to Manage Property Related Services
Deadline: 20 November 2020
Value: £400m

Buyer: Scotland Excel
Title: Framework: Industry specific software package
Estimated publication date: 30 November 2020
Value: £28m

Buyer: Army Digital Services
Title: Provision of ADS Develop as a Service
Estimated publication date: 17 November 2020
Value: £22m

Buyer: Westminster City Council
Title: Framework: Software package and information systems
Estimated publication date: 30 November 2020
Value: £15m

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