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Laurie Clarke


The Government Digital Service implements plan to tackle gender pay gap

The Government Digital Service (GDS) Women’s Network, a body promoting diversity and equality, found that the median gender pay gap for the unit was 7.8 per cent as of December 2019, compared to 8.8 per cent across the Cabinet Office as a whole.

This means that GDS women earn 92p for every £1 men earn. One reason for this is that women at GDS are more likely to occupy more junior roles, despite GDS having 48 per cent women at senior civil servant level. The proportion of female Senior Civil Servants (SCS) is 45 per cent across the Civil Service

To correct the disparity, GDS has committed to improving processes to make taking parental leave easier, promoting flexible working for all genders, and reviewing the recruitment and talent processes to attract and retain women in digital roles.

GDS account for just over 10 per cent of the Cabinet Office headcount. 

A new Gender Pay Gap working group, with members from the GDS Women’s Network, heads of community and the People and Recruitment teams, supported by senior leadership at GDS, has taken on the goal of implementing this plan.

Future research will examine how other protected characteristics, such as ethnicity or disability, also affect pay.