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20m new malware samples this year already

Security specialist Panda Labs is set to put paid to any suspicion that Cybercrime is likely to decrease. It has reported 20m samples of malware in circulation for the first quarter of this year.

What was most instructive was the form the malware is now taking, assuming this quarter is representative, and whether any of the pieces of legislation and new rules associated with it will have an effect. Viruses are looking positively old-fashioned with just under 16 percent of attacks being viral in nature; Trojans represent almost 70%.

China, with its famously closed attitude to the Internet and refusal to allow some web companies to operate, is ironically the most infected country in the world with 51.3% of the infections detected being in that territory. You might deduce that shutting the door is not adequate as a defence. Europe, meanwhile, with its comparatively lax legislative framework, accounts for the lowest incidence of Cyber-attacks.

But then when there are an average of 227,000 attacks per day, “lowest” is still pretty high.